Medical Spice: Turmeric

health benefits of turmeric

Medical Spice: Turmeric Powder

Spices are a tasty addition to any kitchen. But spices aren’t just for cooking. Many spices, in fact, have uses far beyond the kitchen. Did you know that many spices also have an important use in health related treatments? In folk-medicine and homeopathy, spices have had a long and practical history.  But far from being old wives-tales, medical spices really do have a place in a modern medicine cabinet. 

One of those medical spices is Turmeric, the golden yellow to orange spice

mostly known for its use in Indian and Chinese cuisine. The Chinese also found Turmeric helpful in treating numerous illnesses and tales of Turmeric’s medical wonders spread worldwide. Turmeric, specifically its yellow pigment known as Curcumin, is especially well regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact tests have shown that consuming Turmeric equals or surpasses some of the commercial drugs now prescribed.

turmeric anti-inflammatory

From heart disease, diabetes, indigestion, depression, inflammation, cancer, and more, the simple spice Turmeric has proved to possess unique and important medical properties. 

For health or for flavor Chef Cherie’s Turmeric Powder is pure, with no fillers or additives, and is freshly packed on site. Try the wonder that is Turmeric.

Spice: Turmeric Powder
Spice: Turmeric Powder


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