Featured Spice: Ranch Dressing Spice Mix

Cooking with Chef Cherie's Ranch Dressing Mix

Featured Spice: Ranch Dressing Spice Mix

Handmade and hand-mixed, Chef Cherie’s Ranch Dressing mix is the perfect addition to any pantry. Our Ranch Dressing mix contains pure spices including; cayenne powder, smoked paprika, onion, garlic, buttermilk powder and more. Our Ranch Dressing mix is superior to any store bought mix. We are cheaper! Tastier! And Pure! We do not add fillers or extenders. You can trust Chef Cherie for the best spices on the web.

Here are some recipe recommendations to inspire you when using Chef Cherie’s Ranch Dressing spice mix. And if you are interested in “spice’n” things up a bit, try adding a little Sriracha Powder to these recipes.  Just remember, a little bit goes a long, long way.

ranch bbq meatloaf
Ranch BBQ Meatloaf w/ C.C. Ranch Dressing mix
ranch chicken fingers
Ranch Chicken Fingers w/ C.C. Ranch Dressing mix
ranch chicken wings
Ranch Chicken Wings w/ C.C. Ranch Dressing mix
ranch blue cheese beef loin
Ranch Blue Cheese Beef Loin w/ C.C. Ranch Dressing mix


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Gluten-Free Baking w/ Xanthan Gum

xanthan gum gluten free bakingFeatured Product: Xanthan Gum

This week Chef Cherie is highlighting Xanthan Gum.  Xanthan is plant based thickening and stabilizing agent that is used as an emulsifier, a thickener, and for imparting a pleasant creamy texture to foods.

Xanthan Gum is also important in gluten free baking. Gluten-free baking generally involves the mixing of 2 or 3 different types of flour. By adding just a tiny amount (1/2 tsp or less) of Xanthan Gum, the flours will have a better cohesion, creating a thicker dough and adding the elasticity commonly associated with gluten.

In the Molecular Gastronomy / Modernistic Cuisine world Xanthan Gum is very popular with Chefs and is used to create foams, sauces, syrups, batters and more.

gluten free cookies
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (Xanthan)
gluten free popovers
Gluten Free Popovers (Xanthan)
gluten free brownies
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies (Gluten-Free) (Xanthan)

Here are some recipes using Xanthan Gum. Delicious and Gluten-Free!

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